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Dr. Michael Strong’s Affirmation of Divine calling for Community Leadership

Strong Families Housing and Community Support Services

New Initiatives

Housing Communities & Property Defense Commitee: Serving homeowners in all 5 Boroughs of NYC and make neccessary repairs to avoid liens, predators and deed thefts
Project SWEAT (Superior Work by the Exclusively Assigned Tradesperson) : Training family members and community residents in home improvement, generating entrepreneurs, therefore creating affordable housing through Strong Families Housing Creation Services
• Community Stakeholders are our best investment for the long-term and our initial fundraising goal is $8 million. Joining us is a sure investment.

Since 1987 after being delivered miraculously by praying to God for His help to stop using drugs which included freebasing cocaine, mainlining heroin, and smoking crack, Michael Strong was free from the use of drugs which also included nicotine, but beforetime Michael was involved with criminal justice system and eventually served time at State maximum institution in Coxsackie New York,. Michael was also at one time a functioning addict, working daily while using drugs constantly, eventually losing his job and leading to homelessness.

Now after over forty four years being released from serving time in prison and over thirty years since the last time using drugs Michael Strong has come to realize after accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior what it truly means to be Born Again. Michael now realizes his Divine purpose from God is to witness to others the successes he’s had as result of God's Deliverance is now being sent by God to help those still struggling to realize God does work miracles and gives power through His Holy Spirit to live a victorious lifestyle.

Michael now an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has received various commendations for his community efforts which includes not limited Honorary Doctorates for Humanities, Ordinations as Minister and Elder commendations from families against drugs established by church organization, Vet Center commendations working with Vietnam Vets and leading to other veterans combat and other, recognition for job placement services with South Bronx Job Corps Mr. Strong has developed monthly meeting group for veterans to congregate listen to music and enjoy his cooking. We are also members of the USO (United Service Organizations): and most recently NABVETS a local Veterans Association established to help veterans on many levels which including but not limited to vet benefits, housing, employment and training.

It’s the testimonial of Dr. Strong that through the power and Anointing of God Almighty and having a relationship with His Son Jesus the Christ his life has and continues to proceed advantageously in Divine order. Realizing that the abundant life is right here in this life and it’s up to the people to recognize this and with God’s help work together united in love to achieve this Supernatural goal.

In closing Dr. Strong believes that our community situations with broken homes fractured relationships poverty and hopelessness can be overcome beginning here in the greatest city in the world and with God’s help and those willing and believing we can do great things Our mission Scripture is written in Psalm 9:18 . For the needy shall not always be forgotten the expectation of the poor shall not perish forever.