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Housing Renovation & Development Construction Service

During the late 1980's to the latter 1990's, Michael Strong was the Assistant Director of the 163rd Street Improvement Council Inc. During his employ, they wrote and proposed various low income housing development projects, such as: senior citizens housing, Section 8, transitional housing, first time home buyers development, and eventually housing for people of special needs. Through funds received from city, state, and federal government, these projects were successfully completed, providing affordable residences for more than several hundred families and individuals. Strong's years with the Council has prepared and driven, the now ordained Reverend Dr. Michael Strong to pursue this plight, helping to revitalize the communities for the poor and needy here in New York City. 

We are now looking for properties and sites to house 1,000 battered women and their children into permanent housing.

Since 2002, Strong Families has serviced the community, churches and neighborhood with home improvement and construction trade services. We have developed our own unique group of tradesmen called SWEAT: Superior Work by the Exclusively Assigned Tradespersons. These tradespersons are highly skilled in their trades, such as carpentry, cement, remodeling, roofing, basement refinishing, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, windows, doors, boiler repair, welding, plumbing, electrical, painting, plastering, sheetrocking, outside fencing, demolition, and architectural designs and additions as specified. Over the years in alliance with various subcontractors, Tradespersons and building contracts we installed over 500 windows, specialized and standed followed by renovating over 600 apartments throughout the metropolitan area, in addition to remodeling interior and exterior tenement buildings, private houses, and church properties to the credit of our superior craftsmanship we have no complaints registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs. So for your next home improvement need, consider Strong's. Serving all five boroughs of New York City and beyond. Most estimates free - please inquire for clarification.We accept major credit cards.

*Currently seeking investors for pre-apprenticeship home improvement training to acquire licensing and develop family-owned businesses as LLC's and Partnerships in 2022.*