Strong Families Deliverance Ministries, Inc.

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Improving Lives Daily

Open Windows for Advancement

In these critical times its certainly a comfort to find services for low income housing for homeless, formerly incarcerated, veterans, dysfunctional families, troubled foster children, abused young women, men and misled youth.

Strong Families has been established to help these families with not only spiritual but natural needs as well. First our words and phases for new thinking and development workshops. these workshops teach the importance of words, their usage and how they effect our lives and lifestyles available to all ages and groups. contact and discover which workshops are most suited to your circumstances. Your family, community group, church, or organization we service all five Boroughs of New York City. We are just a phone call away. We meet at your home, community room, church, backyard. Whatever is most convenient to you we are available at your request. Workshops generally are 1 hour service venues. 

The Broken and Bruised Series Workshops
Abused women, men, and families, Strong families recognizes the seriousness of issues involving family, personal abuses, and misfortunes. We provide a series of workships that soothe, and ultimately heal hidden emotions ofen derived from such encounters, no affliction too great. Also available in all five boroughs of New York City. Contact us for details.

Youth Goverments and Policy Development
During the 21st century it's vital for our youth to understand how government entities operate. What better way than to develop their own. Through these series of workshops  we focus on the following and more: Missions, Board of Directors, Creating Bylaws, Lobbyist Groups, these workshops Suggested for residents of group facilities foster and support programs.

We can be reached from 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday and we are bilingual (Spanish and English speaking).

Let us help you or someone you know gain valuable skills. We provide the following services:

  • Jobs and Training Referrals
  • Family Counseling With Licensed Social Workers
    (We also offer secular, family counseling with licensed professionals, social workers, at family request. There is also Pastoral counseling for families who have the interest and need.)
  • Home Family Bible Studies
  • Affordable Housing 
  • Business Development 
  • Business Mentoring
  • Architectural Engineer Services
  • Life Insurance Counseling and Policies
  • Property Violation Removals 
  • Home Improvement Loan Referral Information
  • Family Recreation Planning and Development
  • Two-Year Construction Apprenticeship Details
  • Home Improvements
  • Housing Renovations and New Construction

Home Family Bible Study

Strong Families offers individual home Bible studies to meet you family's needs at the request of the family, Strong Families will meet in your home at a convenient time for one hour. Individual family home Bible studies can be rewarding and meet and answer questions that may not have been addressed in previous Bible study experiences.

Just make a call and we will arrange to meet at your home or designated place of convenience.

Family Counseling

We also offer secular family counseling with licensed professional social workers at families’ request. There is also pastoral counseling for families who have the interest and need.

Life insurance Counseling & Policies

For families in need of family protection in the event of family member life loss expense, we have service providers to assist with easy to understand and affordability for families that are not currently insured. All services are available upon request and can be handled in the convenience of your home if desired.

Family Recreation Planning & Development

We realize the importance for family members to enjoy themselves, especially during these troubled times. With the assistance of our coordinators, we can design recreational events for all to enjoy. From the grandchildren, to the elder adults, family relaxation is much needed for all to enjoy.

Home Improvements, Renovations, Remodeling, New Construction & Violations through S.W.E.A.T. (Superior Work by the Exclusively Assigned Tradesman)

We are also licensed contractors, able to meet your home improvement needs. Whether you have a violation, need remodeling, bath, kitchen, roofing, plumbing violations or simply need new paint work, Strong and Associates are well capable of meeting your home improvement needs.

Call (917) 749-0537, Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. for appointments and free estimates for most project needs.